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a second championship

Drew Goodman checking in again from Fantasy camp.  Proud to tell you that after a slow start to the week here in Tucson, Dante’s Inferno erupted at the right time, capturing the 2011 camp title.  We knocked off Walker’s Rockers 6-2.  Tar Harbert’s rocket single in the fifth drove in the Inferno’s second run to break up a 1-1 tie.  That started a three run rally, and Dante’s club eventually took a 6-1 lead to the 7th and held off a rally to prevail 6-2.  Veteran camp catcher and baseball memorobilia expert Kevin keating enjoyed his finest day in an ever expanding uniform by going 3-3 with an RBI.  Brett Milner topped off a great camp with a couple of knocks, Timmy Wells added a booming double and I got a complete game win by deftly mixing a gravity sinker and a slop curveball…Fireworks and champagne followed.  For me I’m now 2-2 in title games and though whatever  skills you have or had slowly erode in time, the passion for all of us to enjoy competing and playing the game never diminshes.  Dante Bichette siad to us afterwad that he genuinely had a blast and it was so cool to watch us go from a 1-2 start to camp champs, and that he would definitely be back.  For a former big league star to have such an enjoyable experience speaks to how well run Rockies fantasy Camp is and what a good group of people gather every year to produce lifetime memories!


Another Camp is winding down, the soreness is in a strange way a great feeling, as we all get to flashback to our youth, for some or actually many pretty far off in the rear view mirror.  Another great year which will culminate tomorrrow with a tour of the Rockies beautiful new spring training home in Scottsdale.  I’m already looking forward to next year, playing, fraternizing, laughing and icing with old friends and new ones in the winter warmth of Arizona.  Come join us next year in Scottsdale! 

CAMP UPDATE: The wins, the fun, the PAIN. (Steffan Tubbs 850 KOA)

Well, when the league’s best training staff tells you there’s big time damage to your hamstring and its pullled off the bone and to get an MRI… well, let’s just say you’ve played your last game down here in Tucson.

I gotta say I am so bummed out.  Great coaches like Larry Walker and Bob Apodaca… and I can only be a cheerleader.  Very proud of my teammates on “Walker’s Rockers” – we are 3-0 and heading to the championship game tonight!

I took a swing yesterday, almost went down, pain so bad tears in my eyes… BUT! no crying in baseball LOL  A pitch later, I pulled my Kirk Gibson — well not that dramatic, but did hit a sacrifice fly.  And that would be alll she wrote.

Beautiful weather down here, which makes it a bit easier to sit on the sidelines.

Had a terrific interview with Walker – he talks about Cooperstown, superstitions, even coming back to Colorado.  Worth a listen on the CMN homepage

Follow camp coverage here as well:

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Again, worth stating, how classy the Rockies organization is.  I’m very grateful.


Steffan Tubbs

850 KOA






Finally a win!

Hey it’s Susie Wargin.  Day 2 of camp proved to be a good one for Dauer’s Diamonds.  While we lost our first game by one run to Larry Walker’s team, it was a very exciting and suspension filled game with a few lead changes.  Usually around the Annex fields at Hi Corbett you can hear people laughing, chatting and carrying on.  During the final two innings of our morning game, however, it was dead silent when each pitcher hurled his best stuff towards the plate.  It was pretty cool, even though we lost.

Game 2 in the afternoon was a different story as we finally earned our first victory!  We were trailing by a few run after three innings but rallied for the lead and held on despite some really stellar pitching from Daunte Bichette’s team.

I was happy with my day as I had two hits and scored two runs (one in each game).  I didn’t actually come across the plate but my base runner did, so in theory I was there.  In the early game I just hit, but in the afternoon I played 2nd base which is my favorite position.  Nothing stellar there: fielded a grounder but my throw was too late to 1st base, and I also tried for an infield fly ball but it got caught in the sun and missed my head by an inch according to bystanders.  All in a days work at Fantasy Camp 🙂 

Today we have two more games and then based on the final standings will figure out who plays in the consolation game and the championship game, both of which are tonight.  It’s another action packed day at camp!  Plus my photographer from 9News will arrive this afternoon so it’s really time to me to start working on top of it all. 🙂


Good morning from Tucson!


For the 6th season, I am lucky enough to take part in Rockies Fantasy Camp here in Tucson.  Truly an amazing baseball experience, and something I can’t recommend more highly.


I’m on “Walker’s Rockers” – coached by Rox legend Larry Walker and current pitching coach Bob Apodaca.  I was thrilled to be lucky enough to be on their roster… and promptly made one plate appearance before blowing-out my upper hamstring #$#@! ouch.  Ah, the joys of getting older.  Actually, its tied to my knee surgery back in October… but the trainers here are top-notch and will try to get me out there today.


Hope you can tune in to Colorado’s Morning News 850 KOA and the rest of the week 5-9a as we get you pumped for the Rockies 2011.  Walker, Dante Bichette, Jim Tracy and more the rest of the week!


Thanks, Rockies, for the best camp in baseball!

Steffan Tubbs 850 KOA Denver

via Twitter:  @tubbskoa





Waking up… not so bad

Susie Wargin is impressed (hey we’re suppossed to be like big league players so I had to throw in a 3rd person reference!).

Getting out of bed wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be today.  After going through hitting, fielding and pitching drills, trying out for our teams and playing our first game, I thought I’d be a little sore this morning.  Happy to say I’m feeling really good.

Granted I came to camp about ready to go on the DL due to some lingering leg soreness/pain from a marathon I ran a week ago so I’m not running full speed.  However, I am throwing full throttle (when I get ball!) and my arms are holding up quite nicely. 

Day 2 today could be a different story.  We have two games and my team could use a win (or two).  We lost last night despite an 8 run rally comeback in the bottom of final inning.  We lost 12-11 but showed our coaches (Rich Dauer and George Frazier) that we have some serious character. 

Can’t wait to show off more of that character today!

First Day

Drew Goodman here. This is my seventh Rockies fantasy camp and it remains a week I look forward to every year.  I remember after the first dy of my initail camp calling my wife and giving her some details and explaining how I laughed my you what off.  Now you need to know generally she says I give very bad phone, too monotone, etc.  That day she said, ” I can see your smile through the phone!”

Its been six terrific reunions now of laughter, storytelling, rekindling of friendships and the opportunity to play the game we all love and wish we could play far more frequently.  This years camp features Larry Walker, Dante Bichette, my broadcast partner George Frazier and the skipper Jim Tracy.  I’m on “dantes inferno” and though we were established as the camp favoites going in, fell in game one to Walkers Rockers. 

I’ve told many people the last couple of yers that when you have the chance to meet and spend some time with Jim Ttracy, you’ll be blown away by how genuinely nice, and funny he is.  This camp will be a treat for the 53 campers for that reason alone.

For entertainment purposes I though it would be a crack up if Frazier was my manager.  He probably passed on me in the draft!  The best line of the day was from Bichette prior to announcing his squad. He said, “are you ll familiar with the baseball scouting scale of 20-80, with 20 being a non prospect and 80 being superstar ability…well, none of you made the scale..but we drafted you anyhow…!!


Well, time to ice, shower and head for the nearest libation….

2011 Fantasy Camp About to Begin

The Colorado Rockies 2011 Fantasy Camp is about to get going here at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson, AZ. Campers and staff have arrived in Tucson via a very excited Frontier Airlines flight from Denver. Campers will spend the next four days living out their dreams of becoming a big leaguer. They will get instruction from Jim Tracy, Larry Walker, Dante Bichette and more Rockies legends. We will post updates on this blog everyday.


Here’s to a great week in Tucson!