Waking up… not so bad

Susie Wargin is impressed (hey we’re suppossed to be like big league players so I had to throw in a 3rd person reference!).

Getting out of bed wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be today.  After going through hitting, fielding and pitching drills, trying out for our teams and playing our first game, I thought I’d be a little sore this morning.  Happy to say I’m feeling really good.

Granted I came to camp about ready to go on the DL due to some lingering leg soreness/pain from a marathon I ran a week ago so I’m not running full speed.  However, I am throwing full throttle (when I get ball!) and my arms are holding up quite nicely. 

Day 2 today could be a different story.  We have two games and my team could use a win (or two).  We lost last night despite an 8 run rally comeback in the bottom of final inning.  We lost 12-11 but showed our coaches (Rich Dauer and George Frazier) that we have some serious character. 

Can’t wait to show off more of that character today!

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