Good morning from Tucson!


For the 6th season, I am lucky enough to take part in Rockies Fantasy Camp here in Tucson.  Truly an amazing baseball experience, and something I can’t recommend more highly.


I’m on “Walker’s Rockers” – coached by Rox legend Larry Walker and current pitching coach Bob Apodaca.  I was thrilled to be lucky enough to be on their roster… and promptly made one plate appearance before blowing-out my upper hamstring #$#@! ouch.  Ah, the joys of getting older.  Actually, its tied to my knee surgery back in October… but the trainers here are top-notch and will try to get me out there today.


Hope you can tune in to Colorado’s Morning News 850 KOA and the rest of the week 5-9a as we get you pumped for the Rockies 2011.  Walker, Dante Bichette, Jim Tracy and more the rest of the week!


Thanks, Rockies, for the best camp in baseball!

Steffan Tubbs 850 KOA Denver

via Twitter:  @tubbskoa





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