January 2012

Nelly’s Championship Game Rebuttal

Team Nasty Nelly here. Today is the big day for our team, we are all very excited well rested an ready to go. People have been saying things about our team very negetive, but we read that and use it as motivation. Everybody hates the team on top an we just happened to be that team. But after every game we tell the team this game is over turn the page an on to the next one. Our team plays great defense and we pitch great. I am very excited to see how our team does in the championship game “We Ready”. Go Nasty Nelly 5-0 an a championship. We believe!

7th Place is Better than 8th

Hey Guys,

First off I want to thank everyone in the Huson Hammers organization for a great Fantasy Camp Expierence. We might not have won the whole thing but I think we definitley had the most heart of any team out there. I personnaly had an amazing time working with everyone and I cant tell you the last time I laughed so hard. From our 7-8-6-5 relay for a put out to our Team Dog Pile for a 7th place victory, I have to say I have seen things this week that I never could have imagined would take place on a baseball field. Working with Jeff was an awesome expeirence as well and I think we will both take memories from this week that will last forever. Thank you all again and I hope to see you again next year, I know we can take home the championship! Make sure you get your work in this off-season!

Pat Burgess

Rex Brothers Championship Game Talk

Rex Brothers here, coach of the mighty Wright Brothers. This week has been a witness to the hidden talent out there in the world. So many great talented people who leave their talents behind for a week to come and enjoy some baseball.  The Wright Brothers team hit the ground running the first day with a win and never looked back. Only one hiccup along the way against Da Criminal’s gave us a wake up call and prepared the team how to deal with adversity. the Wright Brothers responded in great fashion with a big win to put the team into the championship game today.

On to the Nasty Nelly’s. The manager for the Nasty Nelly’s has made it well known that he hasnt been beaten. If I know my team they will step up to the challenge and answer the call.Well rested and focused our team will be in top shape for the game this afternoon.  Being my first camp I didnt really know what to expect. Our team has had such a blast. Getting to know the campers and seeing them enjoy themselves has been a great experience. I am having a blast! See ya after we win the championship!

Big League Clubby Post

Mike Pontarelli Assistant Clubhouse Manager, here in Scottsdale. We are all enjoying some sun and baseball at the beautiful facilities and amenaties here at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.  The participants in Fantasy camp this year have certainly had an experience like none other.  From our standpoint, we are as excited to assist the campers as much as they are to become a part of history in this Grand Complex…

Its been a pleasure getting all the grass stains out of the uniforms from all of those graceful diving catches our campers made all week, not to mention the bubble gum out of the back pockets of thier pants the campers deiced to leave in at the end of the night.  Other than that its been business as usual.

I enjoy fantasy camp for a lot of different reasons.  For me, its an opportuny to get myself acclimated to Arizona and a Spring Training routine.  It takes time to get back into a groove of 5AM mornings day after day for the two months of Spring training.  In addition to that, I am inspried by the campers passion and admiration for the game of baseball.  It serves as a reminder that its a great game, and its a game for the fans. I am honored to be a part of this historic week of Rockies Fantasy Camp, taking place at Salt River Fields for the first time.

Keith Dugger Major League Trainer

Hello Everybody,

I was asked to give a little update on the state of our Fantasy Campers and Major League Player’s that are down here in Scottsdale. Today is day three of Fantasy Camp at it looked liked the walking dead (Zombies) this morning. Besides the majority of the player’s having a variety of injuries they all seem to be making strange grunting noises when they walk. I’m not sure what the noises are about and I am having trouble interpreting this new found language.

As of today the worst injury we have had to take care of is releasing the pressure from about ten toenails. For some reason these campers forgot how to clip their toenails and now they are paying for it. One hot cauterizer is the tool I prefer to drill the nail. For some reason, everytime we cut through one of these nails we get a crowd that circles around. Wives, children and even coaches get this evil smile and scare the patients as they anticipate the drilling. Though we have not made a trip the hospital as of yet I do for see a couple going down in the second game.

My hands are numb from the menthol product I have had to massage in over the past 48hr. I don’t mind the massages, but my sinuses will not stop running and I have constant tears in my eyes from the smell. It’s a good thing that we are in this new facility with four ice machines and two chiller tubs for these Campers. A minimum of 10 campers per chiller every five minutes and we are easily using about 125 ice towels a day. There has been no  reports of frost bite at this moment but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Yesterday might have been a record for the most hamstrings wrapped in one day. A good estimate would be around 25. Twenty Five is 1/4 of the total campers down here. Hamstrings are leading the injuries followed by quads, and sore shoulders. Every pitcher down here has a sore arm because they are reaching their pitch counts in the first two innings. An average pitch count is about 50 pitches an inning. On the prevention side we have taped every body part possible and we will continue to keep our defibulators close by.

Now that we have this sweet new Spring Training site here at Salt River Fields we are having more of our player’s move down here and train. Jorge De La Rosa lives down here and has continued his rehab throughout the winter with Andy Stover, a Minor League athletic trainer. Jorge continues to improve from his Tommy John surgery and is progressing with bullpen work. Jorge will continue to throw bullpens through most of Spring Training and will remain here at the beginning of the season and progress into when Extended Spring games before he goes out for an official rehab assignment. Early February seems to be the target date that most of the Major League Players will report. My training staff will report at this time too, and we will continue to allow the players to work out until their official reporting date of February the 19th.

Hopefully the remainder of the camp runs smooth and the campers enjoy the rest of their time down here. The best advice I can give the campers at this point is slow and steady and to remember they have no chance of being invited to Rockies Spring Training as a player.

Nasty Nelly’s Post

Chris Nelson here reporting from fantansy camp az 2012, my team is 2-0 getting ready to go head to head with our undefeated divison rivails, Dante’s Inferno. The Nasty Nelly”s are a bunch of guys that play hard and are all about winning, that is the best feeling when you get a team like that. But tonight will be a big test for our team but we have the pitching an defense to hang wit any team. If we stay focused and play hard there should be no reason why we wouldnt be there in the end. We are having a great time with everything here the people are enjoying the complex, playing baseball, and having fun. If i had an oppertunity to do it again I would do it in a heartbeat, I am having a wonderful time. See you tomorrow for the 3-0 post Go Nasty Nelly”s!!!!!!!

Day 1 Recap and Photo Gallery

The first set of Rockies 2012 Fantasy Camp League games were played under the lights last night. The play started with some lopsided scoring, led by the team coached by Larry Walker and Rick Matthews the Walker’s Rockers, who defeated Blackmon Blaze 15-1.

The Wright Brothers, coached by Jim Wright and Rex Brothers, defeated the Castilla/De La Rosa led Da Criminals 10-2. Dante Bichette and Marv Foley return as defending champions and the 2012 version of Dante’s Inferno started strong with a 13-3 victory over the Apodaca/Frazier team, Dac’s Dazzlers.

Finally, the Rich Dauer and Chris Nelson led team showed up strong with a 15-4 win over Huson Hammers to round out the night.

Games begin today at 11:00 am. The teams will play a doubleheader today, with the second set of games getting under way at 4:00 pm.

Continue to follow this blog and coloradorockies.com for information, photos and video on 2012 Rockies Fantasy Camp. Also, you can access every teams and individual players stats on gamechanger.io and search Rockies Fantasy Camp. The basic league information is available, although to access all the information there is an $8 charge for the entire week of stats. It is well worth it.

Here is the link to the first Fantasy Camp photo gallery on the Rockies website. http://colorado.rockies.mlb.com/photos/gallery.jsp?content_id=26458542&c_id=col

Play Ball!

As camp commissioner Jim Tracy kicked off the first ever Rockies Fantasy Camp at Salt River Fields, the green grass and blue sky was hard to ignore in the background. 2012 camp starts with another perfect day in Scottsdale, and it continues now with the campers suiting up for the first time this season.

Following the team photo the campers will have the opportuity to go through a baseball clinic from former Rockies legends such as Larry Walker and Vinny Castilla, along with current Rockies stars Jorge De La Rosa and Rex Brothers, as well as the entire camp coaching staff.

Following the clinic will be the tryout game, which allows the coaching staff a chance to scout the “talent” prior to the draft.

Needless to say, day one allows the campers to jump right into the action. The day will be wrapped up by playing the first league games of Rockies Fantasy Camp 2012 under the lights at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.

Play Ball!

2012 Fantasy Camp Coaches Finalized

January 10, 2012.

DENVER – With exactly two weeks until the first pitch of 2012 Rockies Fantasy Camp the Fantasy Camp Coaching roster has been finalized. The 2012 staff features 14 former or current Major Leaguers and seven of the members with experience coaching at the Major League level.

The 2012 Fantasy Camp Coaching roster features three Colorado Rockies legends in Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla and Larry Walker. 2012 Fantasy Camp will also feature four players that are current members of the Rockies Major League roster in Charlie Blackmon, Rex Brothers, Jorge De La Rosa and Chris Nelson. Four members of the current Rockies Major League coaching staff are also members of the 2012 Fantasy Camp coaching staff, as Bob Apodaca, Rich Dauer, Jim Wright and Pat Burgess will coach campers all week. Three additional members of the Rockies coaching family will be members of the 2012 camp staff in Marv Foley, Trenidad Hubbard and Rick Matthews. Rounding out the 2012 camp staff are ROOT SPORTS broadcasters and former Major Leaguers George Frazier and Jeff Huson.

Each staff member brings a unique quality to Fantasy Camp this season, and no doubt will contribute to an amazing week for all participants.

For those already signed up, we look forward to making 2012 Rockies Fantasy Camp the best one yet, and for those still on the fence about participating in 2012 Rockies Fantasy Camp there are only a couple of spots still open, so contact the 303-292-0200 to learn more and get signed up!

Go Rockies.