Keith Dugger Major League Trainer

Hello Everybody,

I was asked to give a little update on the state of our Fantasy Campers and Major League Player’s that are down here in Scottsdale. Today is day three of Fantasy Camp at it looked liked the walking dead (Zombies) this morning. Besides the majority of the player’s having a variety of injuries they all seem to be making strange grunting noises when they walk. I’m not sure what the noises are about and I am having trouble interpreting this new found language.

As of today the worst injury we have had to take care of is releasing the pressure from about ten toenails. For some reason these campers forgot how to clip their toenails and now they are paying for it. One hot cauterizer is the tool I prefer to drill the nail. For some reason, everytime we cut through one of these nails we get a crowd that circles around. Wives, children and even coaches get this evil smile and scare the patients as they anticipate the drilling. Though we have not made a trip the hospital as of yet I do for see a couple going down in the second game.

My hands are numb from the menthol product I have had to massage in over the past 48hr. I don’t mind the massages, but my sinuses will not stop running and I have constant tears in my eyes from the smell. It’s a good thing that we are in this new facility with four ice machines and two chiller tubs for these Campers. A minimum of 10 campers per chiller every five minutes and we are easily using about 125 ice towels a day. There has been no  reports of frost bite at this moment but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Yesterday might have been a record for the most hamstrings wrapped in one day. A good estimate would be around 25. Twenty Five is 1/4 of the total campers down here. Hamstrings are leading the injuries followed by quads, and sore shoulders. Every pitcher down here has a sore arm because they are reaching their pitch counts in the first two innings. An average pitch count is about 50 pitches an inning. On the prevention side we have taped every body part possible and we will continue to keep our defibulators close by.

Now that we have this sweet new Spring Training site here at Salt River Fields we are having more of our player’s move down here and train. Jorge De La Rosa lives down here and has continued his rehab throughout the winter with Andy Stover, a Minor League athletic trainer. Jorge continues to improve from his Tommy John surgery and is progressing with bullpen work. Jorge will continue to throw bullpens through most of Spring Training and will remain here at the beginning of the season and progress into when Extended Spring games before he goes out for an official rehab assignment. Early February seems to be the target date that most of the Major League Players will report. My training staff will report at this time too, and we will continue to allow the players to work out until their official reporting date of February the 19th.

Hopefully the remainder of the camp runs smooth and the campers enjoy the rest of their time down here. The best advice I can give the campers at this point is slow and steady and to remember they have no chance of being invited to Rockies Spring Training as a player.

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