Big League Clubby Post

Mike Pontarelli Assistant Clubhouse Manager, here in Scottsdale. We are all enjoying some sun and baseball at the beautiful facilities and amenaties here at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.  The participants in Fantasy camp this year have certainly had an experience like none other.  From our standpoint, we are as excited to assist the campers as much as they are to become a part of history in this Grand Complex…

Its been a pleasure getting all the grass stains out of the uniforms from all of those graceful diving catches our campers made all week, not to mention the bubble gum out of the back pockets of thier pants the campers deiced to leave in at the end of the night.  Other than that its been business as usual.

I enjoy fantasy camp for a lot of different reasons.  For me, its an opportuny to get myself acclimated to Arizona and a Spring Training routine.  It takes time to get back into a groove of 5AM mornings day after day for the two months of Spring training.  In addition to that, I am inspried by the campers passion and admiration for the game of baseball.  It serves as a reminder that its a great game, and its a game for the fans. I am honored to be a part of this historic week of Rockies Fantasy Camp, taking place at Salt River Fields for the first time.

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