Rex Brothers Championship Game Talk

Rex Brothers here, coach of the mighty Wright Brothers. This week has been a witness to the hidden talent out there in the world. So many great talented people who leave their talents behind for a week to come and enjoy some baseball.  The Wright Brothers team hit the ground running the first day with a win and never looked back. Only one hiccup along the way against Da Criminal’s gave us a wake up call and prepared the team how to deal with adversity. the Wright Brothers responded in great fashion with a big win to put the team into the championship game today.

On to the Nasty Nelly’s. The manager for the Nasty Nelly’s has made it well known that he hasnt been beaten. If I know my team they will step up to the challenge and answer the call.Well rested and focused our team will be in top shape for the game this afternoon.  Being my first camp I didnt really know what to expect. Our team has had such a blast. Getting to know the campers and seeing them enjoy themselves has been a great experience. I am having a blast! See ya after we win the championship!

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Rex Brother and Jim Wright,

Had a great time last week playing for the Wright Brothers. The team had a great chemistry and played their hearts out every inning. I have become an even bigger fan of the Rockies after this week and I am super stoked for the 2012 season. I plan on returning to Fantasy Camp in 2014. The back has finally returned to normal but the hammy is still giving me some issues. Good Luck with the season, I’ll be watching from Harrisburg, Pa.

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