Finally a win!

Hey it’s Susie Wargin.  Day 2 of camp proved to be a good one for Dauer’s Diamonds.  While we lost our first game by one run to Larry Walker’s team, it was a very exciting and suspension filled game with a few lead changes.  Usually around the Annex fields at Hi Corbett you can hear people laughing, chatting and carrying on.  During the final two innings of our morning game, however, it was dead silent when each pitcher hurled his best stuff towards the plate.  It was pretty cool, even though we lost.

Game 2 in the afternoon was a different story as we finally earned our first victory!  We were trailing by a few run after three innings but rallied for the lead and held on despite some really stellar pitching from Daunte Bichette’s team.

I was happy with my day as I had two hits and scored two runs (one in each game).  I didn’t actually come across the plate but my base runner did, so in theory I was there.  In the early game I just hit, but in the afternoon I played 2nd base which is my favorite position.  Nothing stellar there: fielded a grounder but my throw was too late to 1st base, and I also tried for an infield fly ball but it got caught in the sun and missed my head by an inch according to bystanders.  All in a days work at Fantasy Camp 🙂 

Today we have two more games and then based on the final standings will figure out who plays in the consolation game and the championship game, both of which are tonight.  It’s another action packed day at camp!  Plus my photographer from 9News will arrive this afternoon so it’s really time to me to start working on top of it all. 🙂

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