CAMP UPDATE: The wins, the fun, the PAIN. (Steffan Tubbs 850 KOA)

Well, when the league’s best training staff tells you there’s big time damage to your hamstring and its pullled off the bone and to get an MRI… well, let’s just say you’ve played your last game down here in Tucson.

I gotta say I am so bummed out.  Great coaches like Larry Walker and Bob Apodaca… and I can only be a cheerleader.  Very proud of my teammates on “Walker’s Rockers” – we are 3-0 and heading to the championship game tonight!

I took a swing yesterday, almost went down, pain so bad tears in my eyes… BUT! no crying in baseball LOL  A pitch later, I pulled my Kirk Gibson — well not that dramatic, but did hit a sacrifice fly.  And that would be alll she wrote.

Beautiful weather down here, which makes it a bit easier to sit on the sidelines.

Had a terrific interview with Walker – he talks about Cooperstown, superstitions, even coming back to Colorado.  Worth a listen on the CMN homepage

Follow camp coverage here as well:

Follow me on Twitter all season long: @tubbskoa

Again, worth stating, how classy the Rockies organization is.  I’m very grateful.


Steffan Tubbs

850 KOA






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