First Day

Drew Goodman here. This is my seventh Rockies fantasy camp and it remains a week I look forward to every year.  I remember after the first dy of my initail camp calling my wife and giving her some details and explaining how I laughed my you what off.  Now you need to know generally she says I give very bad phone, too monotone, etc.  That day she said, ” I can see your smile through the phone!”

Its been six terrific reunions now of laughter, storytelling, rekindling of friendships and the opportunity to play the game we all love and wish we could play far more frequently.  This years camp features Larry Walker, Dante Bichette, my broadcast partner George Frazier and the skipper Jim Tracy.  I’m on “dantes inferno” and though we were established as the camp favoites going in, fell in game one to Walkers Rockers. 

I’ve told many people the last couple of yers that when you have the chance to meet and spend some time with Jim Ttracy, you’ll be blown away by how genuinely nice, and funny he is.  This camp will be a treat for the 53 campers for that reason alone.

For entertainment purposes I though it would be a crack up if Frazier was my manager.  He probably passed on me in the draft!  The best line of the day was from Bichette prior to announcing his squad. He said, “are you ll familiar with the baseball scouting scale of 20-80, with 20 being a non prospect and 80 being superstar ability…well, none of you made the scale..but we drafted you anyhow…!!


Well, time to ice, shower and head for the nearest libation….

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