Big League Trainer At Fantasy Camp

Wrapping up another fantasy camp from the training room. So far so good on the injury front. With the exception of the usual (sore shoulders and elbows, pulled muscles, and a few bruised ego’s) we have had a very productive and healthy camp.

With two more games today and one to go tomorrow, we are now 21 innings away from finishing up camp with a two year emergency room-less streak. I’m already feeling guilty about writing this because it goes against my superstitious nature. Oh well, sometimes you have to take chances in life.

As of this morning’s census, we have already gone through 37 bottles of flex-all, 500 advil tablets and 800 pounds of ice. These numbers will surely grow by tomorrow evening as campers prepare for today’s Championship game and tomorrow’s Campers vs. Staff challenge. By the way, I have played in 14 Campers vs. Staff challenges, and I bring a 14-year hitting streak into tomorrow. Is that good?

Anyway, that’s it for now from the training room. Here’s hoping for 24 more hours of good health (and more importantly good luck) as Rockies Fantasy Camp 2013 heads towards completion here in Scottsdale.

-Scott Gehret, Rockies Assistant Athletic Trainer

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