The first pitch of 2013 Rockies Fantasy Camp was just thrown. There are two matchups on tonight’s slate of games, but before Camp arrived at this point, players participated in pitching, hitting and fielding sessions after lunch. After getting loose and giving coaches the opportunity to scout talent before for the evening draft, this is how the rosters broke down, including clever team names:

Dante’s Dudes (Dante Bichette/Jeff Huson) – Bob Banta, Joe Breda, Chris Bunnell, Rob Clark, Brian Everhart, Josh Fetters, Sandy Friedin, Marty Marcely, PJ Marcely, Bret Milner, Sam Rubinson, Stefan Tubbs

Vinny’s Cousins (Vinny Castilla/Rick Mathews) – Steve Bahmer, Mike Bush, Mike Chaney, Bob Cooley, Robbie Dinges, Steve Foster, Virgil Graff, Brian Hastings, Art Jacobson, Doug Jones, Tom Sanders, Joe Stutesman

Laser’s Legends (George Frazier/Mike Lansing)Steve Coble, Mark Danuser, Pat Dixon, Jeff Gilmore, John Hansen, Roger Harbert, Tammy Harbert, Tara Harbert, Derek Kraus, Justin Neel, Bill Newland, Jim Stewart

The Hills (Rob Scahill/Mark Strittmatter)Tim Carlson, Drew Goodman, John Hefner, Don Karras, Kevin Keating, Bobby Knowles, Jeff Lewis, Harris Marks, Scottie Paradine, Jim Portz, Randy Wahl, Doug Wilhelm

Expect results of tonight’s games as soon as possible and you can always follow along on the Rockies Facebook and Twitter accounts (@Rockies) and for photos, videos and up-to-the-minute updates from Camp. Now that games have begun, only time will tell which teams will rise to the surface.

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Have fun! We are so missing hanging out with you this year. Will follow the news and videos.
Diana and Mike Kinsey

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